Where to stay...

Stay at the lush Savannah Lodge and enjoy the gardens and shaded outdoor spaces. Make your booking at the same time as your Savannah Aviation charter booking on 07 4745 5177.

What to do...

Yagurli Tours offers sunset river cruises, tag-along-4WD tours, Stargazing and fishing tours, just avoid the crocs! Give them a call on 07 4745 5111.

Practical information...

Get road reports, tide charts and all the necessary information for smooth sailing at the Burke Shire Council website or give them a call on 07 4745 5100.

The Visitor Information Centre...

Still need more info on Burketown and the Gulf? Post the Burketown Visitor Information Centre an email info@burketown.com.au

Important Information

Things you will need to know about how to book and what you can carry.


Look for yourself. Pics, pics and more pics!

Get in Touch

Amanda and Steph can help you with all things Savannah Aviation.