Aircraft Information - Savannah Aviation - Servicing the Gulf of Carpentaria & its Communities

Savannah Aviation has six aircraft in its fleet, each selected to suit the conditions and terrain of the Gulf of Carpentaria, regional Queensland and the Northern Territory. There are three Beechcraft Barons, two Piper Chieftans and one Beechcraft Bonanza. Aircraft information is as follows:


Beechcraft Baron B58

  • Seats: 6 - 5 passengers + 1 pilot |
  • Number: 3 in the Savannah Aviation fleet

The Beechcraft Baron B58 is a twin-engine, piston aircraft. It features flexible club seating, where the middle two seats can be reversed for a more traditional four-place seating configuration, or the two rear seats can be removed altogether, creating additional leg room for passengers, or space for larger baggage items. The Baron's 137-cubic-foot cabin is accessed through large, double utility doors.


Piper PA31-350 Chieftan

  • Seats: 10 - 9 passengers + 1 pilot |
  • Number: 2 in the Savannah Aviation fleet

The Piper Chieftan is a versatile aircraft that is both quiet and comfortable for passengers. A twin-engine aircraft, the Piper Chieftan is cabin class, with seating either side of a central aisle. It is air-conditioned and features wing lockers.


Beechcraft Bonanza A36

  • Seats: 5 - 4 passengers + 1 pilot |
  • Number: 1 in the Savannah Aviation fleet

The Beechcraft Bonanza A36 is a single-engine aircraft with low wings. It has limited luggage capacity and large, double utility doors at the rear.


For more information, or to discuss your charter needs, please contact Savannah Aviation on phone (07) 4745 5177.

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